One more accident on Verna-Margao road leaving pillion dead on the spot and rider critically injured


Despite ongoing accidents in the state on a daily basis, people are still not learning the lessons. Rash and negligent driving by the two-wheeler riders is creating a nuisance for the traffic and in event of the accident, the culprits lose their life and other vehicles involved in the accidents pay the price for it. The recent accident on the Verna- Dabolim highway in which two youth lost their lives due to rash overtaking and the Truck driver was arrested by police. Here, in this case, one youth lost his life due to the mistake of rider who was in process of overtaking a car lost the control and rammed into the oncoming bus. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]A 26-year-old pillion rider of a motorcycle from Andhra Pradesh died in a fatal accident, while the rider Prashant Palkonda (21) of Merces, Bambolim was left critically injured as the vehicle rammed into a Bengaluru-bound bus while overtaking a car on the Pirni-Verna highway near Utorda junction on Monday afternoon.

According to the sources, the Verna police said that the accident happened at around 12.45 pm when the ill-fated motorcycle ridden by Swami Mokra (24) from Merces was on its way towards Panaji from Margao. Near the Utorda junction, the rider lost control of the vehicle while trying to overtake a car and rammed it into oncoming Karnataka-registered tourist bus. The duo got swung on the road and the pillion rider died on the spot due to extensive bleeding from head injury. The rider was immediately rushed to Hospicio Hospital and later to the Goa Medical College and Hospital at Bambolim. He is said to be in a critical condition. PSI Raghoba Kamat is investigating the case.

The number of accidents will reduce to quite an extent if the two-wheeler riders start following the rules and stop defying the gravity, which they feel they can do. It is no more hidden fact that more than 80% accident takes place due to the rash and negligent driving and major chunk of two wheelers are involved in it. Authorities have done their best by enforcing the use of helmets on the highways but how many really wears them? Many die despite wearing helmets due to the fatality. What is the solution for this? Please do raise your voice on this serious issue.

Source: Various sources



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