Despite all the efforts from the traffic department, the road accidents are increasing, and the main reason behind this is irresponsible driving. Two wheeler riders in a bid of reaching fast begin overtaking endangering their life as well others too.

In this case, a 55-year-old Krishna Naik from Ponda was on his way back home via Ribandar Patto, and while overtaking another vehicle on the narrow road he met with AN accident and died on the spot. Some reports say that he was breathing after the impact, but since he did not receive any first aid on time, and ambulance also reached a bit late due to which he succumbed to his injuries.   

According to the Old Goa police who conducted the Panchanama, 55-year-old Krishna Naik was heading towards Ponda via Ribandar Patto on his two wheeler, and the bus was on its way from Ribandar to Panaji. Apparently the rider (Krishna) in a bid to overtake the tempo and jumped on the speed breaker, and landed directly on the oncoming bus from the opposite side.

The impact was very severe, as, the Bus and Two Wheeler were in motion, running opposite each other. Krishna Naik succumbed to his injuries due to huge impact although he was wearing the helmet. The sources said that his bike was completely crushed in an accident.

The bus driver told the media that the two wheeler rider skidded on the speed breaker and landed on the bus. Krishna was riding alone at the time of the accident, said the bus driver. “He was riding at a very high speed, and following the impact, he fell on the road, and died on the spot,” Narrated the bus driver who was not at fault this time.

Meanwhile the Panaji traffic police PI Brandon D’souza, who reached the accident spot, told the media that they received a call from the bus driver about the accident. “it around 3.45 PM and when we received an information about an accident and when we reached here we saw one man was lying on the road and he was shifted to GMC in a 108 ambulance service,” said Brandon.

The driver of the bus had confirmed that the two wheeler rider died on the spot but police still did not make any such comments and shifted his body to GMC (Goa Medical College & Hospitals) at Bambolim. Police are doing further investigation in this case.


In the above case, the life of a two wheeler rider could have been saved if he was following the strict traffic rules, which he did not. The eyewitness has confirmed that the two wheeler rider was at a very high speed, and he could not see the speed breaker, and his bike jumped over it and landed straight on the oncoming bus.

We request the two wheeler riders to not to speed up your bikes unnecessarily since it is a highly risky factor, and please follow the traffic rules. Please do not blame the government for the small roads to speed breakers on the road as they have been designed to save your and others life too. Please do leave true valuable comments on this issue.




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