Accident on Goa – Belgaum Highway at Dharbandora, 9-year-old Girl Injured When The Tanker Rammed into Car


The occurrence of the accidents on highways is a regular affair and that is why people drive very safely on the major national highways. But unfortunately, this rules are not applicable for the truck/tanker drivers who like to play the Monster Truck game on the roads. They seldom follow any rules and regulations of the traffic and prefers to ram into anything comes on their way. Something similar seems to have happened on the Goa – Belgaum highway at Dharbandroa on Friday Morning.

According to the sources, the tanker rammed into the car from the opposite direction causing injuries to a 9-year-old girl. The accident took place at Dharbandora, on Goa – Belgaum highway on Friday. Based on the news published in the local daily, The Navhind Times, a family from Vasco was heading towards Belgaum in their car when the tanker coming from the opposite direction rammed into the car injuring the 9-year-old girl.

The sources have said that there were five more occupants in the car besides the injured girl. All the family members, except the 9-year-old girl, have safely escaped from the accidental injuries. The family member told the news media that, the minor girl hit her head on the dashboard after the tanker banged in the car from the opposite direction.    


The accident took place on Friday while the family of five along with the minor girl was on its way to Belgaum via Panaji – Belgaum highway. The sources said that the front portion of the car involved in the accident has got badly damaged. The name of the minor girl is Sonali Shinde, said the sources.   

According to Collem police, the family from Vasco was heading towards Belgaum via Dharbandora. When they reached near Casavle, a speeding container truck coming from the opposite direction dashed their car along a sharp turn. The police further said that the container truck was overtaking another vehicle. Soon after the accident, all six members were rushed to the nearby primary health center. Meanwhile, the container truck driver and co-driver fled from the spot but were later detained by Collem police with the help of locals. Hawaldar Shamrao Desai is investigating the case.



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