‘Acche Din’ promised by BJP will take 25 years to come, says Amit Shah

BJP President Amit Shah addresses the party's National Council meet in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan)

‘Acche Din’ was the promise made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the people of India, in election campaign, which made him win the majority in the centre, is now facing a backlash from the opposition who keeps reminding Modi about his promise now and then, probably to put full stop to any further controversy the BJP president Amit Shah made it clear that, it will take 25 years for BJP to deliver the ‘Acche Din’ as promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the 2014 elections.

According to the news published by the national daily, BJP president Amit Shah made it clear that “Achhe din aane mein 25 saal lagenge (It will take 25 years to bring achhe din). According to Mr. Shah the broader perspective of “Acche Din” meant restoring the pride that India enjoyed globally before British Raj “Desh ko duniya ke sarvochch sthan par baithana hai to paanch saal ki sarkaar kuchh nahi kar sakti (Five-year rule (by BJP) cannot make India the top world power),” Shah said. By saying this Mr. Shah has reassured the people of another 5 terms in the centre.

He continued further saying that in its first 5 year rule his government (BJP) could not manage to reduce inflation, ensure secured borders, make strong policies, achieve economic developments and provide the jobs to the people to eradicate poverty from India. “But the BJP needs to win elections at every level, from panchayat to the Lok Sabha, for 25 years to take India to the No. 1 position in the world,” he added.

Though this explanation may not fulfill the needs of the people who have elected them on the assurance of faster development, but it will surely lit the light of hope in them to wait for the another 25 years to witness the “Acche Din”, nevertheless Aaj Nahi to Kal “Hamare Acche Din Ayenge”. Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.


Source: PTI

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