Goa ACB (Anti-Corruption Bureau) is in search of the Junior Engineer of Electricity Department, Vishwanath Bhat, who was caught red-handed accepting the bribe from one Makabul Jawali, in return for providing him with the new connection. According to the sources, the JE, who was supposed to appear before the police on Friday in a bribery case is not traceable.

The sources have revealed that the Goa Police have filed a FIR against Vishwanath Bhat, the JE of Electricity Department in South Goa, under the prevention of corruption act, and issued yet another summons to him on Saturday. The complaint was lodged by Makbul Jawali of Cortalim in connection with the demand of bribe by the JE to provide him with the new connection.


It may be recalled that the video clip uploaded on the Youtube Channel by the Jawali had gone viral across the state. In the video clip, Jawali is seen paying bribe money to the Junior Engineer of Electricity Department, which he had demanded over and above the amount of actual work.

According to the sources, Makabul Jawali had applied for a new connection and was told to submit an amount of Rs. 12000 by the JE, Bhat who later demanded Rs. 15,000 from him on the pretext of carrying out extra work. In the transaction, he also demanded extra Rs. 3000 for himself in a form of bribe.


When the Jawali asked him the accounts about the money spent, the JE gave him the receipt of only Rs. 6000 white the entire money collected by JE from Jawali was Rs. 18000. The entire conversation about the transactions has been recorded by Jawali in his mobile camera which he later uploaded to Youtube.

Meanwhile, the officer at ACB told the media that, when they saw the video clip, he had decided to register the complaint. “But we wanted to do an investigation since as per the prevention of corruption act, the giver and taker both are accused. But the person who uploaded the video came forward and narrated the fact saying that he had recorded this video to expose the corruption in the department and he had no intention to pay any bribe  (but paid under pressure).”

The ACB realized that his case is genuine and that the complainant had not indulged in any corrupt practices whatsoever. “He (the complainant) was not part of the corruption, but he wanted to expose the prevailing corruption in the electricity department by the way of a sting,” said the officer.

The ACB took cognisance of the matter and registered the FIR against JE, Vishwanath Bhat of Cortalim, said the sources. Meanwhile, since the accused Bhat did not appear before the ACB the officer said that they have given him a benefit of doubt saying he might not have received the summons. “We are waiting for him to appear on Saturday as I have spoken to the SDPO of South Goa to communicate the same with the accused and ask him to appear before us,” said the officer.

Meanwhile, according to the police, who went in search of Bhat have returned empty handed since he was not traceable either at his office in Margao nor in the private shop he owns in South Goa. The ACB office and police department are aware of the transaction that took place between the complainant and accused since everything has got recorded on the camera, there hardly any scope for the escape of the accused, but in this “Goenche Rajkaran” anything can happen.

Let’s wait and watch what happens next if any MASTER comes forward to rescue the BHKT (disciple) from this matter, and what next game the JE plays to escape from the clutches of law. Please leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.




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