Following the confession of Dattaram Gawade, the peon working in transport department, the anti corruption branch (ACB) of on Monday raided the residence of RTO director Vishram Govenkar and recovered some important documents pertaining to the unaccounted assets, the details of which is not yet revealed by the ACB office. According to the report the raid started at 5.30pm on Monday and continued till 8.30pm.

The sources have informed that the ACB has now summoned the Govenkar to its office for the purpose of interrogation. It may be recalled that the peon from the transport office involved in demanding and accepting of the bribe had revealed the name of dy. Director Vishram Govenkar in front of the judicial magistrate first class.

In the last week ACB had also quizzed the director of transport Arun Desai for almost an hour in the similar case to establish the connection in this case but apparently nothing has been popped out it.

If you look at into the past you will remember the story which was published in the month of June in Goa Prism The Wife of Transport Department’s Employee, is held for Identity Theft according to which  “In the month of June, the cyber-crime cell of the Goa police arrested assistant motor vehicle inspector Alister Fernandes and subsequently released him on bail for allegedly hacking into an email account and impersonating a government officer. Fernandes’ wife was also arrested and released on bail”.

As Fernandes did not intimate the transport department about his arrest, the department issued a show-cause notice to him. The officer said that Fernandes filed his reply to the notice. While the inquiry was in progress, Gaude approached Fernandes and told him that he would be dismissed if the case is not amicably settled.

If you take a careful look at this case it will not be difficult to discover the facts hidden behind it. The first fact is that police did not take cognizance of the mail sent by the wife of Alister Fernandes to the officers of Zonal office of transport department. Instead they arrested her under the crime of identity theft. In our system we have a flexibility whereby one can punish the innocent and let the culprits go scot free. This is India and what more one can expect here. Many a time people who try to expose the culprits had to face the music. It could be under any law, defamation, cyber crime, identity theft or much more, there is no end to it.  The fittest survives here. Fittest in corruption, fittest in manipulation and the fittest in sneaking. This system needs the change; making misuse of law in whatever form needs to be stopped. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources

Edited by: Goa Prism News Desk


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