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Goa Prism the leading publication brand established in Goa in the year 2007 is the brainchild of Rajesh Ghadge, the founder, and editor of Goa Prism Publications. It started as a print media publication and eventually transformed into the online digital magazine.

The existence and purpose of the Goa Prism online magazine to provide the users first-hand information about the latest updates on News, Business, and Lifestyle within Goa and around the world. Goa is a tiny beautiful state located in the southwest coastal belt of India. Having its unique custom and culture and visited by the people around the world. Goa Prism provides instant information to the people of Goa and rest of the world through the medium of online portal Goa Prism dot com.

Goa Prism is not just the online magazine, it is one of the most visited news channels of Goa. The responsive design of Goa Prism website makes it available across all the devices and platform seamlessly. Due to its easy accessibility, Goa Prism receives the huge organic traffic from the various sources including the social media such as Facebook & Twitter, search engines Google, yahoo & Bing and other platforms like WhatsApp & Instagram.

With the due course of time, Goa Prism evolved into one of the best ranking websites in India and top most website in the media industry of Goa (Source: Alexa) our Alexa Ranking in India reached to 12000 while global ranking to 139000. Having more than 8.5 million Hits (impressions) and using 300GB of server bandwidth within just 1 year’s time, this website is one of the most promising media websites in India. Goa Prism has the pure organic traffic from all the sources which claim half a million of unique visitors per month.

Today Goa Prism has three publications to its credits, Goa Prism Digital Magazine, Goa Prism Online Portal, and Incredible Goa print Magazine. Goa Prism is having more expansions plans in the future with the additions of two more websites and few more print media publications.

In case you have any queries or suggestions for the improvement of our publication, kindly drop a mail to us at [email protected]

Rajesh Ghadge

Founder | Editor

Paperama India

2nd Floor Excelsior Building

Off 18th June Road

Panaji – Goa. 403001

Tel: 0832 – 2431915 / 6451465

Mobile: 9823211925

Email: [email protected]