AAP Volunteers from Benaulim Resigned citing the Manipulations in Candidate Selection process by Party high command

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) which entered into the politics under the guise of special status to the common man (Aam Aadmi) has slowly started changing its colors. According to the allegations made by the Benaulim AAP volunteers who resigned from their primary membership of the party, the AAP high command is neglecting the grass root party workers and manipulating the candidate selection process. They have even gone one step ahead stating that. AAP Supremo, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is either unaware of the situation of could see only things that are under his nose.

The entry of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) in the Indian Politics was the most stunning which initially helped them winning Delhi. But AAP senior leaders had perhaps forgotten that the Delhi is not the ultimate goal to achieve success in India. After Delhi AAP started spreading its tentacles into rest of the India including the tiny state Goa. They tried to make their base strong in Punjab and Gujarat but finally landed in Goa as their major target. But now it looks like as if the AAP supremo has either lost his interest in Goa or he is busy with his commitments in Delhi due to which AAP started loosing their ground slowly in Goa.

It may be recalled that, one of the senior party worker handling AAP Women’s wing had recently resigned from AAP and joined one of regional Goan party, while another AAP candidate, who got the ticket to contest election resigned from the party stating that his supporters are not happy with the functioning of party in the state. Now the latest news has come from Benaulim where almost one dozen AAP party volunteers have resigned from their primary memberships citing the injustice prevailing in the party functioning at the local level.

According to the available information from the reliable sources, 12 AAP volunteers from Benaulim in south Goa have tendered their resignation on Friday from the primary membership of AAP on the grounds that, the party has failed to honor their ultimatum served  to the office bearers in regards with a reconsideration of the Benaulim candidate selection process. The aggrieved AAP volunteers comprising Joaquim Dias, Shakuntala Mesquita, Jose (Joe) Camilo Pereira, and nine others, accused AAP of “being state agents and cheats, and manipulating the Benaulim candidate selection process”. Incidentally, Dias and Mesquita had also filed their nominations for the Benaulim party ticket and were irked by the party leaders’ refusal to reply to their queries, pertaining to guidelines for selection of a party candidate.

They have told the media that AAP leaders in Goa as well Delhi are not responding their request and completely neglecting them. According to them, the AAP grievances redressal cell which comprises of, state convenor Elvis Gomes, Goa campaign chief Rajeshree Nagarsekar, and national executive member Pankaj Gupta, failed to reply to their complaints, they had written to the party chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on the party website. “It is impossible for us to get in touch with Kejriwal, who either works in connivance with the crooked local and national AAP leadership or is deliberately kept in the dark by a communications blockade. This proves that AAP is not capable of providing good, clean and honest leadership for states away from Delhi. Kejriwal can only function in areas directly under his nose,” a disgruntled volunteer said.            


Revolting against the nominated AAP Benaulim candidate Royla Fernandes, the resigning AAP volunteers alleged, “It is obvious to all that there was pre-planned fixing in the Benaulim AAP candidate selection process and it is a shame that the leaders sabotaged and vitiated their own party’s selection process. We do not want Benaulim to be in the hands of the builders’ lobby, as Benaulim will turn into a concrete jungle. We prefer a candidate who will work for the welfare of Benaulim and who will take on all the other corrupt and anti-people candidates. We will inform you of our future course of action shortly,” they said.


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