AAP Questions BJP’s Tactics of Keeping People Of Goa In The Dark While Approving Projects

AAP Questions BJP
AAP Members Gathered Outside the CM's Residence for Protesting Against Projects

Aam Admi Party (AAP) spokesperson Surel Tilve has questioned the silence of the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant over issues concerning the state, claiming that the AAP members detained yesterday by the police were only there to put forth certain questions to the Chief Minister.   

The party has also questioned the manner in which the government has been approving projects in the state by keeping local Goans in the dark. 

“The BJP government is getting different projects but is not even taking the people’s opinion first. There is no discussion at all on these projects before passing them. The state government is blindly acting on either the central government and if not, then companies such as Adani,” Said Tilve. 

He informed that the members of the party had approached the Chief Minister with only a memorandum which contained questions relating to Goans and projects in the state. 

“We had a few questions that we wanted to put forward to the Chief Minister. These questions are questions from Goans and are nothing personal. We only want to place the common men’s questions, as these are not just AAP party’s issue, it’s for all of Goa,” he said, adding that the Chief Minister’s refusal to even meet the party delegation was synonymous to the way in which the CM does not want to meet local Goans. 

“The Chief Minister did not meet us, just like how he doesn’t want to meet other Goans,” he said. 


The party has now placed before, in public domain its questions that were refused to be accepted by the Chief Minister yesterday. They have questioned the manner in which the doubling of the South-Western railway line is carried out, and how local people – most importantly the ones whose land and houses are affected too – were not taken into confidence. The projects were only imposed upon them. 

The benefits of these projects should also be informed, the party said, adding that the leaders supporting these projects should first visit the homes along the railway line and see the inconvenience people are put at. 

A proper reply has been sort from the CM on these issues, adding that the government must stop harassing Goans that are raising important questions that are important to them. 

Yesterday, members of the AAP were detained by the Panaji police after they gathered outside the CM’s official residence to meet him. The volunteers of the party even carried a bag of coal as a ‘gift’ from the party to the CM. 

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