AAP offers the “Power of 10” to the people of Goa, Promises to Full-fill all if elected to power


The AAP is here to stay whether win or lose. AAP supremo Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Goa’s head (CM candidate) Elvis Gomes are already sure of winning the Goa Assembly Poll 2017 in Majority and keeping that in the mind AAP has finally come out with their election agenda (manifesto) for the people of Goa which has 10 special offerings. What they have to offer, let us take a look at it here.

According to the sources, AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Goa has come out with the 10 features from their perspective of vision for Goa. The AAP chief ministerial candidate of Goa Mr. Elvis Gomes made an announcement of party’s manifesto in the press conference on Saturday. Speaking to the media Mr. Gomes said that, Aam Aadmi Party vows to restore the dignity of Goan women and senior citizens after coming to power.

According to the sources, Mr. Elvis Gomes, Aam Aadmi Party’s Chief Ministerial candidate for Goa, made an announcement of the party’s manifesto. Speaking to the media Mr. Gomes said that AAP will leave not leave any stone unturned to restore the lost dignity of Goan women and senior citizens. According to Mr. Gomes, AAP is the only political party in Goa who is promoting the progressive and people friendly policies to the Goan electorate of Goa. Mr. Gomes feels that AAP wave has already built up in Goa and it is now taking over the state. “AAP is the only party that is taking progressive, people-friendly policies to the Goan electorate. The AAP wave has already built up in Goa and it is now taking over the state. Once the AAP comes to power, we will investigate the Mopa project for speculative private land deals of more than 50 lakh square meters around Mopa by politicians,” he said.

Speaking of the other ongoing developmental projects Mr. Gomes said that AAP government will not leave any stone unturned to keep the civilian airport project at Dabolim Going on. He further added that the AAP government would make sure that all vacant jobs in the state would be filled in a time bound manner and punishment would be meted out to officers who delayed in providing services to the people of Goa.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gomes launched the Aam Aadmi Party’s party manifesto and here are the 10 powerful features from the same.

  1. The first promise is the opening of 400 Vaddo (area) Clinics across the state of Goa. This is the backdrop of “Mohalla Clinics” already existing in Delhi. The major feature of this clinic will be, “Free Annual Health Checkups for Women and Senior Citizens.” The media reports say that “This comes as a bit of an irony considering the health scare, the AAP-ruled Delhi faced a few month ago with the rise in Chikungunya and malaria, while its Health Minister was absent from the state.”
  2. The GMC (Goa Medical College), Hospecio and Asilo Hospitals will get the facelift, to be compared to the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) like infrastructure. There is a provision in the manifesto of 500 additional beds to be installed in the government hospitals across the state.
  3. The AAP CM candidate also promised an exgratia of Rs 1 crore to the kin of policemen who lose their lives in the line of duty.
  4. Mr. Gomes also made the promise of supply of free and clean water to every household in the state of up to 20,000 liters per month.
  5. The next will be the regional plan 20121. AAP promised to bring the Goa Regional Plan 2021 within a year and the plan for the next 20 years wold also be developed.
  6. Another Major highlight of the manifesto is the Women Empowerment. Mr. Gomes promised to restore the dignity of Goan women and senior citizens by setting up of the women-only police stations (5 nos) in the state. Free sanitary pads would be provided to school girls and would be made available at affordable prices in public toilets.
  7. AAP also promised to promote the tourism in the state by facilitating the online bookings and home stays in the tourism website.
  8. Forests Rights Act 2005 would be implemented and the River Sal, which has been dying of pollution, along with other water bodies would be rejuvenated.
  9. AAP will also make available affordable loans for the repairing and maintain Goan Houses, especially for EWS.
  10. Mr. Gomes said that Goa’s college students will not have to suffer from high re-evaluation fees. AAP Government will slash re-evaluation fees by 50%. Re-evaluation will be completed in a time-bound and transparent manner.   

According to the sources, The AAP manifesto looks very good on the paper but it is far away from the elaborated manifesto that was introduced in the Delhi elections in 2014. Although, the manifesto lacks in the details as to how some of these promises are going to get fulfilled but it looks promising and it may be good enough to make the dent in the Goan politics which is ruled by the BJP.


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