AAP Makes Formal Announcement of Welfare Schemes for Goans in the backdrop of 2017 Polls

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As the elections approaching closer, political parties are coming out with their schemes for the voters of Goa. AAP is considered to be the close competitor of the ruling party and they have decided to come out with the better schemes for the people of Goa. According to the sources, AAP Goa Convener and chief ministerial candidate Mr. Elvis Gomes made an announcement of the galore of schemes for the people of Goa. In his address to the press conference held in the city, Mr. Elvis told the media that, AAP will be offering the double benefits to the people of Goa. Take a look at some of the schemes put forward by Mr. Gomes for the people of Goa.

AAP has become very confident about winning the 2017 assembly election in the state and the announcement of their CM candidate by the AAP supremo Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is said to the first step towards it. According to Mr. Elvis, the ruling government has shaken up due to the growing popularity of AAP in the state. “They have shaken up looking at our popularity and started misguiding the people of Goa by giving them wrong information about us. I would like to tell the people of Goa through this press conference that, we will not stop any welfare schemes if elected to the power, instead we will try to improve the existing schemes by making them better and bigger,” he said adding that “Presently the all the schemes are benefitting only to the ruling party workers and their relatives. They keep the forms for their own people and it does not reach to the real beneficiaries. AAP will remove this barrier and make the schemes available for the people of Goa. In the AAP regime, the schemes will reach to the real beneficiaries keeping all the middlemen away.”

Mr. Elvis also said that the AAP will make use of the e-governance to get over the existing loopholes in the schemes. “Our focus will be on the development of the girl child and women in the state, Besides the schemes for the unemployed youth, physically and mentally challenged people and senior citizens of Goa”, he said. 

© Facebook AAP GOA PAGEMr. Elvis Gomes has also made the announcement of the schemes in the press conference stating that AAP will provide the double benefit schemes to the people of Goa. “In Mamata Scheme, we will double the benefits from existing Rs. 25000 to Rs. 50,000. and the benefits of famous Ladali Laxmi scheme will be raised from existing Rs. 1 lac to 2 lacs. We will also provide the allowances for unemployed youths of Goa. AAP will not only work towards the creation of the job opportunities in the state of Goa but it will also provide them a monthly unemployment allowances of Rs. 5000 per youth per month under this scheme”, he said.


“The Gruha Aadhar scheme will also be doubled from existing Rs. 1500 and Senior Citizens will get Rs. 3000 per month under the existing scheme. Differently, abled people will get Rs. 3000 per month and more than 50% disabled people will get Rs. 3500 per month. If anyone has more than 90% of disability we will pay Rs. 10,000 per month to them instead of existing Rs. 3500,” said Mr. Elvis Gomes.   

Meanwhile, the St. Cruz candidate of AAP Jose Gomes told the media that the ruling party is making the use of government machinery including the police to harass the AAP. He challenged that AAP is capable of putting thousands of such banners across Goa. “The last thing I want to say is that We will not get intimidated by such things. If they remove our banners and hoardings we will put thousands of more banners in Goa. You can keep removing our banners and we will replace them with the new ones,” he said.

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When media asked Mr. Elvis about the arrangements of the funds for the schemes in this condition when the mining is slowed down and government coffers are almost empty, he said that AAP will work on the reducing the pilferages of the funds which is happening in the existing government. “We have decided to implement these schemes after taking all the the facts into the consideration”, he said. According to him, At the moment only AAP is capable of providing the stable governance in Goa regardless of a number of numbers political parties mushrooming in the state. He was replying to the question of one of the reporters “AAP has already declared the chief ministerial candidate but as far as others parties are concerned they are completely uncertain about the same,” he said.

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