AAP is searching for the new faces for their party expansion – Gupta

The new AAP team, finalized at a meeting of the party’s Political Affairs Committee, has seen the elevation of Arvind Kejriwal loyalists such as Ashutosh (in picture) File photo

After conquering the fortress in Delhi the AAP (Aam Admi Party) is planning the major expansion across the various states in India. “We are trying to expand outside Delhi, would try to find the new regional faces in every state” Said the senior party leader to PTI. “We have realized that Arvind Kejriwal is the face of the party and we have also realized that the party needs to grow,” said AAP’s national secretary Pankaj Gupta.

To expedite the expansion process Aam Aadmi Party has constituted a new organizational team for finding the new faces regional at the national level. The team is also organizing the meetings of the party’s political affairs committee (PAC).  “The PAC has decided to accelerate the process of organizational development throughout the country. The team will help the National Convenor Shri Kejriwal to oversee ‘Mission Vistaar’,” said the party spokesperson.

Though the PAC has taken the decision of expansion to make the party stronger but Kejriwal wants to keep him out of this as he has decided to concentrate only on Delhi at the moment.  Following the meeting, Kejriwal loyalist Sanjay Singh said, “We have decided to expand nationally and contest polls wherever our organization is strong, after consultations with state units and volunteers.” He added that members would be given various responsibilities for this plan of “expansion”. The move was quickly welcomed by Yadav who tweeted, “Welcome PAC’s statement to expand the organization nationally and to consider contesting elections outside Delhi. Step in the right direction. PAC’s decision to involve volunteers in party’s decision-making recognizes Swaraj within the party.

When asked if AAP had become a party which revolved around only one man, Gupta said, “We are not saying that we are not going to develop new faces. Even at national level we have multiple faces and they are doing extremely good job. Since Arvind Kejriwal has become the Chief Minister of Delhi, he has hardly had time to be the face of the party in any way. He is completely busy with administration.”


Presently the AAP leader is in Goa in a search of new face to make the party ready for the 2017 Legislative Assembly elections. The party leader also given a hint that they are going to focus on expansion plan in Punjab and Haryana in the near future.

Source: PTI

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