AAP Goa Secretary Valmiki Naik accuses BJP for planting the defamatory posters all over Goa

On the wee hours of Sunday, the posters of AAP former Delhi minister were planted all over Goa by unknown persons. Prima facie the posters have the defamatory material displayed on it. The content of the said posters talks about the women empowerment displaying the image of women with her face blurred in a compromising position with the ex-minister. The Goa AAP convener has alleged that this is the job of BJP.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Goa Prism received the reports of the posters defaming the AAP has been planted all over the Goa by some unknown persons and when the editor of Goa Prism got in touch with Mr. Valmiki Naik to find out as what kind of women empowerment they are talking about displaying such posters he said that this is the work of a ruling party BJP in Goa “Since they (BJP) have highly frustrated with the success of AAP in Goa they are resorting such low-level tactics to defame the name of AAP in Goa,” AAP convener Valmiki told Goa Prism over the telephonic conversation.

AAP Women Empowerment 1

Valmiki further said that BJP is living under fear of losing the 2017 polls in Goa and they know that only AAP can provide the transparent governance in the state this made them to resorts to such kind of things. “At the moment AAP is the only political rival that BJP feels that they have and they have become frustrated,” said Valmiki.

The posters display the message of women empowerment with the AAP name and logo along with the image of Ex-minister of Delhi Sandeep Kumar and a woman in compromising position. The Kumar has been sacked by the AAP after he was arrested by the Delhi police under section 376 after the women in the picture filed the rape case against him.


It looks like taking the advantage of the situation the rival parties has planted the posters of him along with the woman in a compromising position. Mr. Valmiki said that the AAP has already sacked the said minister after the allegation came in the picture and there was no need of planting such defamatory images with the AAP name. He said that the AAP will take strict action against the culprits and bring them justice.

According to the reports published by the local newspapers about the Sandeep Kumar case, the victim woman had lodged the complaint of rape with the Delhi police after the 11 months of the dreadful act took place. According to her, she was raped by the minister 11 months back when she went to his office in the outskirt of Delhi to seek his help in making a ration card. Although the reports do not mention the reason behind her waiting of 11 months to lodge the complaint of the alleged rape.

According to Valmiki AAP is doing pretty well in the state and they are very sure of sweeping the  2017 polls and this kind of tactics will move the faith of the people have in the AAP. Regardless of the fact that, it is a very embarrassing situation wherein the rival parties are resorting to such a low level of tactics to malign the name of another political party the game is not faring this way. The political parties regardless of their rivalry and differences should compete on the merits instead of resorting to such tactics. What do you feel? Please leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.


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