AAP announces another 11 names of the candidates for Goa in a Marathon meeting with PAC

As promised earlier by AAP that they will be contesting all the 40 seats in Goa assembly has today announced another 11 names of the candidates in the marathon meeting held with PAC. With the new announcements, the list of candidates of AAP in Goa goes up to 15. The announcements of the seats have been done for Goa and Punjab simultaneously during the meeting. Here is the list of the newly appointed AAP candidates.    

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]According to the sources, the announcement has been made in a marathon meeting of PAC (Political Affairs Committee) involving the party’s top decision-making body who met with the key party representatives from Goa unit to finalize the second and third lists of candidates. Although AAP has finalized the second list of 11 more candidates but only 7 have names been made public at the moment by the party sources.

According to the sources, the Mandrem constituency which is represented by the Chief Minister of Goa who is also a teacher by profession before coming into the politics has been fielded by another teacher by AAP, 53-year-old Devendra Prabhu Parsekar Desai who was a former MGP leader and is a teacher by profession. Desai had left MGP to join AAP recently and is also associated with the People for Mopa movement supporting the construction of international airport in Pernem taluka.

The second candidate of AAP is Giovanni Karl Vaz who will content from the Murmagao constituency which is again represented by the BJP candidate Carlos Almeida. The selection of Vaz is done on the basis of his former political background since he and his father were the former MLAs from this constituency.

The third candidate who is going to contest the Cortalim constituency is the Olencio John Simoes who represents the fisherman community. Being a fisherman himself and teacher by profession Simoes will be standing opposite the BJP MLA Alina Saldanha who is the wife of Late Mathani Saldanha. Simoes, who is on the forefront of several social movements, is the joint secretary of Goenchya Ramponkarancho Ekvot, an organization of traditional fishermen. He is also general secretary of All Goa Fishermen Union.


The fourth candidate of AAP is Clarina Fernandes who is going to cross the swords with the existing GVP (Goa Vikas Party) MLA Caetano Silva who is supporting the ruling BJP. Clarina Fernandes is an architect by profession and is a former member of Youth Congress. She is the only woman candidate announced by AAP till date. 

The fifth seat of AAP will be represented by Sitaram Gauns who was the former BJP Yuva morcha leader and will be standing in front of the stalwart politician and former chief minister Shri Pratapsingh Rane from the Poriem constituency.

The sixth name announced by the AAP is Dr. Prithvi Amonkar who will be representing the AAP in Siolim constituency that is currently represented by the BJP minister Dayanand Mandrekar. Dr. Prithvi Amonkar is a doctor of alternative medicine.

The last but not the least is the AAP candidate Surely Tilva who will be representing the Marcaim Constituency which is currently represented by the MGP leader Sudin Dhavalikar who is also minister of transport in ruling BJP government. Mr. Tilva is a lawyer by profession.

The above is the list of 7 candidates out of 11 that is announced by the AAP for Goa. The above all seats have been finalized by the PAC in the Party Marathon meeting. One of the PAC members also told the media as for how the party finalizes the seats on the assurance of anonymity. According to that “A meeting of active volunteers is called in each constituency to propose 20 names, from which five are shortlisted. The campaign committees propose these names at PAC meetings.”

Based on the above Goa still, has more 25 seats to be announced before the election if the AAP is really planning to content on all the 40 seats in Goa. Whatever may be the appointment process but one thing is very clear here and that is the style of selection. In the above list, one thing is very clear that AAP is interested in fielding only candidates that will give a tough fight to their rivals and are from the similar cast and communities as the existing candidates are. AAP is proving the wave of change to the people of Goa by fielding the spotless candidates but it is surely not staying away from the caste, community, and religion which is always used in the Indian politics as the most powerful weapon. If you wish to leave your comments on the above issue please do go ahead.

Source: Various sources


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