AADHAR Card scam exposed in Curchorem Goa

Aadhar card is one of the essential documents as the government of India made it mandatory for various important tasks. Certain government-related tasks cannot be done without the Aadhar Card. Taking into the consideration its importance everyone wants to have it and this where the corruption makes its way. A similar case has happened in the Curchorem town of Goa. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The government has appointed the private agencies to make the AADHAR cards, and this is where the exploitation of the available opportunities is taking place. According to the sources, these agencies are in the business of making AADHAR cards in the various locations of Goa. They make the cards in PVC as well as regular paper format depending on the need of a person and they also charge accordingly, claimed the sources.

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When you someone approaches such agencies, they suppose to give the prior knowledge of both the cards to an applicant and depending on their need the cards are made. According to the standard charges made applicable by the Government for general cards, it is Rs. 15/- while for PVC cards Rs. 25/-. In one such case that is reported in Curchorem, the agency called Dipika Consultancy Services; that is engaged in making of Aadhar cards, and PAN cards are supposed to be authorized by the government.

The above organization is operating little differently. According to the sources, the agency does not follow the rules and regulations set by the government and applies the charge that is ten times more than government-set fees to make an AADHAR cards. The sources have revealed that this agency makes only PVC cards it costs Rs. 200/- per card and they do not issue the valid receipt for the same.


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When the media approached the said agency and asked them the reason behind the excessive charges, the agency man informed that they charge Rs. 200/- for the PVC cards. (While government has made an open announcement in the newspapers saying that charges per card won’t be more than Rs. 25/-) The agency man claims that they have their charges set, and it is not changeable.

On top of that when media asked him as why he is charging more while the government has already set the price for it the agency man replies arrogantly saying “If you wish to take you take or else leave it, we are not forcing you.” What is the meaning of take it or leave it? It is the most necessary document, and everyone needs it, but the arrogant agency man is stubborn in his statement. This is a clear case of a scam.

Finally, when the applicant agreed and asked agency man to give the card for Rs. 200/- he realized that media is recording his conversation, and he changed his version saying that now they have stopped making the PVC cards. “Now we have stopped making PVC cards and no more giving the PVC cards,” said the agency man while media (applicant) asked him as why suddenly he stopped making cards the agency man had no valid answer. This is the clear case of cheating the innocent people of the village, and while media entered the scenario, the full version was changed.

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The agency man has no valid clarification as why he suddenly stopped making the PVC cards. It is tough for media to reach every nook and corner and find out the level of corruption taking place while such agencies keep taking advantage of the situation and harass the innocent people. If you come across such cases, please raise your voice against the malpractices by informing it to the media and the rest will be taken care.



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