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According to the new development took place at Suraj village in Mehsana district Gujarat, the use of mobile phones by the young girls and unmarried women has been strictly banned. The resolution in this regards has been passed by the panchayat of that village which will come in force from immediate effect. Further, if a single woman found using the mobile phone, she will be liable to pay the fine of Rs. 2000/- says the report.

Nothing is impossible in India, the most amazing things take place right here. Crime against a woman is highest in India and despite such kind of statistics, the government has hardly done anything much to stop the crime against women. But instead, they are trying to impose more restrictions on the women. According to the news published in the national daily, Suraj village in Mehsana district in Gujarat has passed the resolution according to which the use of mobile phones are banned for teenage girls and young women.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This barbaric resolution is enforced on the young women perhaps for snatching the remaining freedom from them. The resolution does not end only with restriction, in the event of any young woman found using the mobile phone she is liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 2000/- every time.

The most surprising fact here is that this development took place in the hometown state of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The head of the village (MUKHIYA) Devshi Vankar has told the media that the consumption of liquor by young women is strictly banned. The use of mobile phone by young women leads to spreading of a nuisance in society. “However the young women can make the limited use of mobile phones which belongs to their parents or relatives,” said the sources. Vankar further added that the similar ban for the school boys will be announced soon.

According to Vankar, the mobile phone becomes the distraction for the unmarried young women. “It takes them away from their regular household duties they suppose to perform as a female and it also creates the negative impact on their studies. If any unmarried young women found owning or speaking on a phone, she will face the fine of Rs. 2000,” said Venkar. He further added that the informer will be offered 10% commission for tip-offs.

This ban has come on the backdrop of earlier ban implementation by another called ‘Aligarh’ village in the similar district that has managed to implement a complete ban on the use of mobile phones for the young girls from the age group of 18 and less. The sources also quoted that the mobile devices are corrupting their minds.

According to the sources, besides the young girls, their families also have to face the punishments by sweeping the roads. This was announced by the panchayat of Basauli village in the similar district.

According to me, this could turn out to be the inception of new policies which will emerge from the villages of Gujarat and soon it will spread to the other parts of India. looking at this new developments it makes me think deeply about the kind of mentality some people has and they also try to force the same on others regardless of one likes it or not. How different the Taliban’s were compared this? Perhaps they were little more severe? How long will it take for us to become that serious? We really need to think twice about these kinds of issues and if possible, stop the spark before it catches the fire.

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