A Sweet Shop in the City found selling Unhygienic Food Items Eaten by Rats

Everything that shines isn’t necessarily gold. This implies to everything that is around us. On rainy days when you want to sit at home and enjoy some snacks with a hot cup of tea, is when you should think twice before buying anything from outside. A video which went viral yesterday on social media shows a rat eating farsan, and chiwda in a closed counter of a food stall at the market.


The video which was posted by In Goa 24×7, clearly shows a rat in the closed counter eating the farsan. The shopkeeper who seems to be busy with his work did not pay attention to the customer who was complaining of the presence of the rat in the farsan. Despite these kinds of incidents being reported many a time on papers and news channels in the past, the unhygienic conditions prevail due to some shopkeeper’s lethargic nature. There are many instances where you can spot mice, ants and insects which make it their home and these eatables are then sold to the people who fall sick without knowing the reason.

In 2017, a sweet mart from Canacona was raided by the FDA following a complaint from a local stating that the water packaged in the bottles was not clean. Places which have food items kept in the shops should be properly covered and preserved for the day. The area should be kept clean and maintained by the owners. But perhaps the owners did not want to spend money and instil hygienic practices.

In the past, reports by The Times of India show a sweet shop manufacturing unit was raided on the Ganesh Chaturti festival last year. During the raid, they found out that the ‘mava’ was stored in unhygienic conditions, and was unbranded. The farsan did not carry any expiry or manufacturing details.

Similarly, a bakery was raided in Agaccaim, 3 years back on the grounds of selling stale chicken products. The bakery was investigated and was later eventually closed.

This may not seem like a big news but is only to remind the public to have healthy food items from hygienic places and be more aware. Especially during the rainy season, where one should avoid street food as much as possible, and drink packaged water with a seal (purchased from supermarkets or general stores), or carry food/water from home and enjoy outdoors.

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