A Mystery Surrounding The Death of Vishal Chari Remains Unsolved; Mother Demands Justice

Vishal Chari Case
Vishal Chari’s Mohter demanding Justice (Image Credits: Awake Goans)

A body of Goa University professor Vishal Chari was recovered from from Chadreshwar Parvat situated at Quepem almost two months back but the mystery surrounding his death still remains unsolved till date. Goa Police had registered the case of suicide but Vishal’s  Mother believes that her son was murdered and now she is demanding the justice. 

Vishal Chari was an assistant professor of Economics at Goa University and his body was found hanging from a tree  at Chandreshwar Parvat. Initially police registered the case of suicide but following the statement from his mother and other family members police change the direction of investigation looking at the angle of murder. 

In a recent update, ‘Awake Goans’ posted a video on YouTube  of Vishal Chari’s mother asking for justice for her son’s death, 64 days ago.

Vishal was missing for 13 days before his body discovered, in a decomposed state on 12th September. He was said to be an introvert due to which everybody is clueless as to why he would take his own life. His colleagues and students said they didn’t find any indications that he would take such a step. 

He was a good scholar, academian according to Dr. Priya Mallya, his previous institutions principal. His popularity was seen when social media blew up with asking for help to find him. 

As per the official report, Vishal had left his home in Merces on 29th August in a Tata Bolt car. He was missing since then and almost 50, personnel were looking for him. The locals at Chandreshwar Parvat called the police when they found a foul smell coming from the jungle. His body was found hanging by his own trousers. 


HisHis brother identified his body, slippers and clothes. All of his personal belongings were found in the car which parked at the base of the Temple in Paroda. The police registered a case of unnatural death and we’re looking into all angles of the case. 

On a video posted on YouTube on 15th November 2020 by “Awake Goans” he urges the government and police to look I to the matter. Vishal’s mother is seen in the video where she begs for justice for her son. 

She mentions that his wife “betrayed” him (of what we can understand in the video) and that they filed a case on the wife as well. However, even after repeated visits to the police station, no action has been taken and they are sent back home with promises of looking into the case. 

The channel raised a point asking why a man who lives in Merces would go all the way to Chandreshwar Parvat to kill himself. They continue to say that there is foul play and that the murder should be looked into. 

“The festival of light was like darkness for our home” said his mother in the video. 

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