A Group of Local Youth Attacked the Cops and Damaged their Vehicles for Stopping them from Drinking in Public

Drinking in public is prohibited by law for everyone regardless of the fact that the person is of Goan origin or the outsider. In the recent past, there was a case of an attack on the police for questioning a local resident for drinking in public and in this case a group of local drunken revellers attacked on the policemen and damaged their vehicles for stopping them from drinking and creating nuisance in public place.

The law is equal for everyone regardless of their origin and in Goa drinking in public is banned. The police are just doing their duty and attacking them is considered to be a criminal activity.
The incident of attack took place in Cuncolim south Goa on Tuesday night. The south Goa police arrested two persons in the connection of attacks on the police personnel. The police is also on the lookout for at least five more people from the group of drunken revellers assaulted policemen and damaged their vehicles at Demani in Cuncolim in the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday. South Goa superintendent of police Arvind Gawas told reporters that the culprits attacked police personnel after they were warned against creating nuisance on the streets.

“Police received a complaint that some persons were drinking liquor in the open and creating public nuisance. The highway patrol vehicle reached the place followed by the police patrol van. When police told the miscreants to stop drinking and go home, an altercation ensued between the group and the police,” Gawas said.

The police went to nab one of them to put him inside the police van that is the when the rest of the people in the group got angry and attacked the police. They also damaged both the police vehicles and injured four policemen before fleeing.
Despite the attack, police managed to nab two of them Mayur Dessai and Shaikh Abdul Razak. “The hunt is on for rest of the attackers Sandeep Dessai, Santosh Naik, Shubham Borkar, Saish Dessai and Swapnesh Dessai, police sources said.


Meanwhile, the police have booked the case under sections of forming unlawful assembly, rioting with deadly weapons, assaulting public servants on duty and damaging public property.
The Superintendent of police south Goa Mr Arvind Gawas said that police teams have fanned out to arrest the accused who are on the run. “We will not allow people to drink on public roads, and we will not tolerate assault on police,” he said.
Source: TOI

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