A Family of 4 Returned From The UK Tests Positive For Covid-19 Infection in Canacona

Covid Positive

Following the recent report of 10 UK returnees getting tested positive for Covid-19 now the whole family of 4 from Canacona who had recently returned from the UK has been tested positive for the Covid-19 infection…  

According to the reports, all the family members are asymptomatic and they were shifted to the ESI hospital in Margao on Monday. 

According to Canacona CHC Acting Health Officer Dr. Jose Tavares, the person had arrived from the UK and was residing in Canacona municipality.

“Four of the family members have also tested positive for Covid and are asymptomatic. However, as precautionary measures, they have been shifted to the ESI Hospital in Margao,” said Dr. Tavares.

The total Covid cases in Canacona have reached 799, while the active cases are 33 to date.

Since November, 35 people had arrived from the UK and were residing in Canacona and five of them have tested positive so far.

Dr. Tavares said while the cases are on the decline, people should continue to wear face masks, use sanitizer, and maintain social distancing.

“The issue of those returning from the UK is not a matter of major concern as the situation is under control.

People should not be unnecessarily worried, but must continue to practice proper care,” he added.

Source: The Goan 

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