A 70-Year-Old Lady Crushed to Death Under The Wheels of Truck at Cortalim

The rising road accident in the state has claimed one more life today when a 70-year-old lady came undertone rear wheel of the truck and died on the spot. According to the reports, a 70-year-old, Louiza Pereira from Nauta, Cortalim, was crushed to death under the wheels of a truck.

She was riding a two-wheeler and was proceeding home after mass at 9.30 a.m. when the mishap took place. Angry locals and even the village panchayat members came on the road. They protested against heavy vehicles entering the village road. The truck was driven by 31-year-old Rajyasab Nadaf from Sindhudurg.

Deputy Panch of Cortalim, Raymond D’Sa said that the drivers of trucks by Dilip Buildcon Ltd, who is in charge of building the highway, are using the internal roads as a short cut. The Panchayat has already taken a resolution to declare internal roads as no entry for heavy vehicles. The locals and Panchayat members now want the transport minister Mauvin Godinho to intervene.

The Panch, Manuel Fernandes, said that for the past two years the road is in very bad shape. A speed breaker was constructed as water would pool during the rains and that was the cause of the mishap. If the accident has taken place, its sorely because of the pothole-riddled roads, as the lady fell when her bike went into a pothole and the oncoming truck crushed her under the wheels.

He further added that henceforth they wouldn’t allow heavy vehicles to use the road, irrespective whether the notification by the traffic cell, is made public or no. He said the only reason the trucks use that road is that they see it as a shortcut. He stated that all the villagers would get together and stop trucks from using that road.

He said that they have appealed to the Sarpanch to speak to the higher authorities as well as the local MLA to lay the road with tar or concrete as a temporary solution and get the road fixed.

Deputy Panch D’Sa said that the road being used by trucks is a primary problem. The lady lost her balance as she was heading home and fell. The back wheel of the truck ran overhead, which resulted in her head getting crushed, even though she was wearing a helmet.

He said that the authorities were informed about the particular road a number of times, resolutions were passed in the Panchayat, but since the year2004, no action was being taken.

Letters were sent to the Superintendent of Police, the District Magistrate, but all pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The trucks use the road as and when they feel like, given there is no notification barring their entry on that particular road.

Edmund Carvalho, a local said that even the deceased had complained a number of times about the state of the roads. He said that he has numerous letters to the Panchayat as well as MLA regarding the road, signed in front of him by other villagers.

He said that road was inspected by the former PWD Minister, Sudin Dhavalikar as well as the current Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, but so far there is no improvement.

He further added that if their elected representative, as well as Chief Minister, had stuck to their word of repairing the roads within 15 days as promised, Ms. Pereira wouldn’t have lost her life.

He said the road is in such a bad state which resulted in the accident.

Source: Goa 365 tv.

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