A 21-year old Queer Student Dies under mysterious circumstances in Goa

A 21-year old Queer Student Dies in Goa
Anjana Harish

The reports claimed it’s a suicided due to the physical and mental abuse from her family who believes that being born as a queer is a curse and that it is curable. Anjana Harish came down to Goa from her native place in Kerala prior to the nationwide lockdown and she never returned back her home.

Indian society is not yet ready to accept the sexual orientation for them being born as homosexual is a sin and they would do anything to get rid of that. In the case of Anjana, something similar seems to have happened.

According to the sources, A 21-year-old queer student died in Goa due to the stigma of  Homophobia that she was facing from her family members. Anjana Harish was a student of Government Brennen College, Kannur. She had gone to Goa a few days before the lockdown

According to the Edex Live portal, on the March 13th, Anjana had put up a live video on Facebook accusing her family of abusing her physically and mentally. She also recalled incidents of solitary confinement inside a cell at a mental health centre because her family believed that they could “cure bisexuality.”   


IN her video she said that “I really do not know what to say and what to do. The medicine makes me dizzy and I am not able to see or talk properly. I’ve become robotic,”   

Two days ago, Anjana was found hanging from a tree in Hosdurg in Goa. While there are speculations about a foul play in the student’s death, queer activists across social media have called out Anjana’s family and have accused them of being homophobic, which, they said, triggered the student’s suicide. Her friends who were with her a few hours before her death say that Anjana’s was a suicide prima facie.     

“We were sitting at the premises of the hostel where we were staying. Sometime later, we realised that we could not find Anjana anywhere,” says a friend of Anjana’s. “We thought she may have around and would have gone for a walk. But we got suspicious after an hour or so. So, we went around to find Anjana hanging from a tree on a lungi. Even though we immediately tried rushing her to the hospital, we could not save her,” he says, adding that Anjana was depressed for a long time and had suicidal thoughts.  

Anjana had come down to Goa along with three of her friends a few days before the lockdown started.”She was subject to domestic abuse and a lot of mental torture. She was quite disturbed,” she says. At the time we spoke to them, her friends were awaiting Anjana’s postmortem report. Her family was on their way to Goa from Kerala.

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