85 Percent Crimes in Goa Shows the Involvement of Migrants

The migration happens when the demand for the manpower increases in any region and Goa is one such place where migration is rampant due to the development of infrastructure around the state. Goans are leaving Goa with the help of Portuguese Passport in the search of better opportunities and that creates the gap of skilled and unskilled manpower which is filled by the people coming from the neighbouring states besides this there are many non-Goans who have invested in big businesses that have set up in Goa.

The migration comes with the consequences attached to it. The people from the other states do not get accustomed to the custom and culture of Goa and their mentality also does not match with the local Goans which creates a gap between both and that many a time leads to misunderstandings.

Migrant from Karnataka Arrested for raping minor girl

The crime rate in Goa is showing a stiff rise in recent years and that is obviously due to the entry of people from the other states which comes from uneducated and uncivilised background. The chief minister of Goa Mr Pramod Sawant has made a statement that migrants are involved in 85 per cent of the crimes like rape and murders that are reported in Goa.   

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“As per the records available, approximately 80-85 per cent of cases such as murder and rape take place because of migrants,” Sawant said in the state assembly while congratulating the state police department for cracking the Fatorda double murder case wherein a ragpicker and labourer were killed.

Migrants arrested in Goa involved in the murder case

In one of the recent report that was published in the local daily had suggested that influx of migrants in the south Goa had given rise to the criminal activities in Salcete. Moving late night in the city or in the village of Salcete has become difficult. Gangs of migrants can be seen moving around freely who remain unchecked by police alleged a senior citizen.  Night and day patrolling have also not shown any positive results as it is done only for formality.

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There we also rise in the cases of theft, Kidnaping, Chain Snatching etc in the south Goa.     Till September this year, South Goa police have booked 34 cases of rioting, 11 cases of forming unlawful assembly, 94 cases of hurt, 18 cases of kidnapping, 17 cases of chain snatching, 36 cases of housebreaking thefts during the night and 54 other theft cases, stated the report.

The fact is that that Goans not doing the proper police verification of the migrants and allowing them to stay in their rented premises just make some moolah. Sawant claimed that all four migrants, who were involved in the particular case were not in possession of the requisite documents that are mandatory for residing in rented premises.   

Migrants in South Goa

“In every part of Goa, migrants come and stay and many locals rent premises without any verification. I urge people to cooperate in the tenant verification drive undertaken by the police department,” he said.   

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The Chief Minister said that the government will soon introduce a bill in the assembly to enact a law for tenant verification. He said that if a contractor brings labourers from the neighbouring states, then it becomes his duty to maintain labour card and to ensure that the police verification is undertaken within a stipulated period of time.

Sawant informed that Inspector General of Police of Goa Jaspal Singh has announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for the team of Fatorda police for solving the sensational murder case within 12 hours.

Source: NT

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