55 year old tourist murdered brutally in a city Hotel at Panaji, three are absconding


In one of the shocking incident, a 55-year-old tourist was found murdered in a city hotel in Panaji. This murder is said to have taken place due to the negligence of a hotel staff. According to the sources, three youth who were staying along with the deceased are absconding at the moment and their names were not entered into the hotel register due to the negligence of the hotel staff. Read more about it here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the information available from the reliable sources, a 55-year-old tourist was found dead in Hotel Swapna at Patto Plaza in Panaji city. People in the Patto area are in the state of shock due this incident claimed the sources. Three youth staying who were staying with the deceased are absconding. The sources have also claimed that the negligence of the hotel owners is responsible for this murder.

The brutal incident took place on Monday at the city based hotel. According to the sources, in the investigation, it was revealed that a 55-year-old tourist along with three youth had checked into Hotel Swapna at Patto area in Panaji. The hotel owner out of negligence did not take the names and identities of three youth who were staying with deceased.

All the four people including the deceased had checked into the room no. 209 on the second floor of the hotel Swapna on the previous day. According to the reports all four were in the room for the whole day and at night they went into the casino and returned back late night. In the morning when waiter went to room 209 with morning tea he realized that nobody responding from inside the room he came running to the owner and informed him about the same.

The owner of the hotel sensed foul play and informed matter the Panaji police station. The Panaji town police PI Siddhant Shirodkar along with his team reached the crime spot and broke open the door of the hotel room just to find out that 55-year-old tourist was lying dead on the bed with his face tied with a piece of cloth and three youths are absconding.


Police immediately deployed the sniffer dog but it was in vain. While going through the hotel register police found out the irregularities practiced by the hotel owner. Out of four guests, only two names were written in the register Virendra Kumar Kaushik and Mohsin Khan. According to the sources, the hotel owner was hiding the name of Mohsin Khan (You Can Have a Look at it here) and the reason behind it is not known.

Meanwhile, the sources also claimed that CCTV cameras are also not installed properly in the hotel premise that displays the irresponsible nature of hotel owner. According to the sources, two years back one lady tourist was murdered in the same hotel that time also the name of tourist was not noted on the hotel guest register and the culprit involved in that murder is still at large.

According to the sources, Hotel owner Bhau Chopdekar is claimed to be the close aid of BJP leaders in Goa and hence the police investigation does not go in the way it suppose to be. Even in the previous murder case that took place in this hotel remained unsolved and no Disciplinary actions were taken against the owner. The sources also claimed that due to the utter negligence of hotel owner police investigation is facing a lot of hurdles. Let’s see if this case gets cracked or remains unsolved like the previous one. Please leave your comments.



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