510 Goans will lose the voting right for holding Portuguese Passport says report

The issue of Goans holding the dual passport or for that matter the Portuguese passport is no more a secret. According to the sources, around four hundred thousand Goans hold the dual nationality in a form of BOI (Bill of Identity) that makes then Portuguese citizens by birth. But still, the actual figure of the Goans who are holding Russian Passport is not yet known. According to the new reports, 510 Goans may lose their voting rights in the forthcoming assembly election.

Based on the report published by the local news daily, around 510 people holds the Portuguese passports in Goa and they will no longer be able to use their voting rights in the forthcoming assembly election. The report has made a claim that the names of the 510 voters who suppose to be holding Portuguese Passport have been deleted from the electoral rolls as they are ceased to be an Indian National.

According to the sources, this action was taken during the recently conducted special summary revision ahead of the 2017 Goa Assembly Elections. The Chief Electoral Officer has confirmed the deletion of the names from Electoral roll. “We have deleted 510 names of the people holding Portuguese nationality. We realized that in Goa, lots of people opt for Portuguese passport and nationality,” Chief Electoral Officer Kunal told the media on Friday. Of these deleted names, 189 were from North Goa and 321 from South Goa.

The total names added by the CEO (Chief Electoral Office) to the new voter’s list is around 47,177 while deleted 25,017 names due to the death or voter being absent. The names which are being added consists, 19000 first time voters between the age of 18 and 19 while the final roll is yet to be announced. Kunal said that as per the draft electoral roll, the total number of voters in the State stands at 10,85,271 of which 5,35,364 are male and 5,19,907 are female.

“During the summary revision, our focus was basically on enrolment of new voters and purifying the electoral roll by deleting the names of dead people and identifying those shifted voters,” he said adding that the electoral roll needs to be pure to ensure that those deserving names are on the electoral list. Kunal said that CEO is currently in the process of identifying a Poll Ambassador for the 2017 elections. “The person needs to be a non-political face and be able to convince the voters through his message for larger participation in the election process,” he said. 

During the special summary revision, the CEO received 46,700 applications for inclusion of names in the electoral roll, 15,293 for deletion of names, 89,207 applications for corrections and 4,795 seeking a transfer from one constituency to another. The State has around 35 overseas electors. The total number of service voters stand at 812 as per the draft roll.

Names of 9790 voters were deleted as the person was found dead. The majority names came from South Goa 5236 while North consisted of 4554 voters. There are around 867 absentee voters identified by the CEO. An average number of electors per Assembly constituency is 27,132 while the average number of voters per polling station is around 661. The State has 40 Assembly constituencies. South Goa has 21 seats and North Goa has 19.


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