5 Things You Must Clean Right Now To Lower The Risks of COVID Infection

5 Things You Must Clean
The Currency Notes Cleaned to keep virus Away

A recent study from Australia just proved that the virus can stay on surfaces for days on end in a moderate temperature environment. We all had done our spring cleaning early this year in the fear of the virus, we scrubbed down every single surface of our homes till it shone like the sun, and followed the schedule too by having wipe-downs quite regularly. 

Did we get it all right? This should take care of the bacteria trying to survive, right? Wrong. You might have missed a few of the most important ones. Which one do you ask? Read on to find out.

Phone Screens

Phone screens are always swathing with bacteria. A study by the University of Arizona found that a phone may have 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Imagine the filth during this COVID season! We use it all the time and carry it everywhere we go, this was bound to happen. Hence always carry sanitizing wipes and give your phone screen a wipe every now and then.

Currency Notes

Apart from our phones, money is perhaps the second thing to be touched the most not to mention it gets passed on from one hand to another. And at a moderate temperature, this can be a breeding ground for multitudes of bacteria, including COVID-19. That is why there has been a surge recently to use online transactions instead of cash or even cards.

Stainless Steel Appliances and Surface

While studies have shown that the COVID bacteria may not survive the heat from boiling and cooking, it may still thrive on your other steel utensils. Their surface temperature is just right for the bacteria. Hence remember to thoroughly wipe down countertops, utensils, appliances with a disinfectant.

ATM Vestibules

While online transactions have been the way to go, we can’t exactly avoid the ATM. We still need cash for small transactions. And with hundreds of people touching the same ATM machine as you, you can best believe that it’s unsanitary. Remember to use a sanitizer before and after you use an ATM vestibule, you never know where other people’s hands have been.

Windows In Public Transport

Oh, don’t we all love a good seat by the window when traveling via public transport! And we’re even more excited to do so now that metros, buses, and trains are opening up. But, guess what? The windows are also the perfect place for the virus to make a home in! So be careful and think twice before touching that window or dozing off next to it the next time you take a flight, train, bus, or metro.

Well, obviously, you can’t clean ATM vestibules and windows in public transport but what you can do is wash your hands. We cannot stress this enough, wash your hands after everything. Invest in a  good soap or a hand wash and use it! Remember to stay safe.

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