36-Year-Old Lady Attempts To Murder Her Brother At Sancordem Goa

Attempt to Murder
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In an incident that occurred late last night, a 36-year old lady attempted to murder her brother with the use of a kitchen household knife. 

This incident reportedly happened in the remote Sancordem village area, located a few kilometers from the Dharbandora area. A police team from the Collem police station is currently investigating this incident. 

Speaking to Goa Prism, Collem police station inspector Nilesh Dhaigodankar confirmed that the incident occurred last night around 10.30 pm. 

He added that the accused sister has been mentally ill and has been undergoing medical treatment for the same. 

The victim brother, who is 38-years old, was shifted to Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim, and is currently undergoing treatment there. 


The sister has been arrested by the Collem police and has been booked under an attempt to murder case (section 307). The kitchen knife used for the crime has been recovered by the police officials. 

According to police sources, it has been revealed the accused sister has had a troubled marriage. Furthermore, certain property issues are existing between the accused and the victim brother. The brother also has certain mental health conditions. 

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