35-year-old lady found raped and murdered in Mahanand style in Cuncolim Jungle

The shocking news of the rape and murder of a 35-year-old woman from Canacona whose body was found lying in the forest area of Cuncolim has refreshed the horrifying memories of Mahanand Naik, a serial killer from Goa who had raped and brutally murdered at least 18 women in the state over one and half decades. According to the police sources, the lady was strangulated to death by the killer using her own dupatta which is similar to the style of Mahanand Naik.

Based on the information available from the reliable sources, Sulaksha Janu Gaonkar, a 35-year-old lady from Canacona was found lying dead in the nearby forest of Cuncolim very close to the Cuncolim Industrial Estate. The sources have revealed that Sulakha was raped before strangulated to death using her own dupatta by the unknown culprit.

The police reports have confirmed that Sulaksha was raped before strangulating to death by the culprit in the Cuncolim forest where her body was found. This incident took place on Monday afternoon, said the sources. It has been learned from the sources that, Sulakha was was staying with her mother in Gulem in Canacona after her husband died. The body was found on the outskirts of the Veroda industrial estate in Cuncolim which is around 25 km aways from Canacona.

The police sources have said that Sulaksha was strangulated to death by the accused with her now dupatta (Scarf). The PI (Police Inspector) attached to Cuncolim police station has called it the Case of suspicion, “It appears to be a suspicious case. The possibility of homicidal cannot be ruled out in this case,” said the PI, Shailesh Narvekar.

Meanwhile the Dysp of south Goa, Mr. Dhanraj Govenkar told the media that, the police is doing the through investigation of the case and the culprit will be behind the bars soon. “Although there are marks of strangulations on her neck but the final decision on this case will be made only after getting her Postmortem report,” said Mr. Govenkar.


The reports claim that this case looks to be similar to the Mahanand Naik case who is known as Goa’s serial killer and presently undergoing imprisonment and lodged at the Central Jail as he is facing three lifers for the murder and rape. The Police are doing the further investigation in this case and they are waiting for the post-mortem report. Depending on the reports from the GMC the police will get proper direction to their investigations said the sources.


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