35-Year-Old Burkha Clad Man Thrashed by Locals while exiting the Ladies Toilet in Panaji

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Wearing Burkha is the tradition of Muslim community and we all need to respect that but some miscreants are taking advantage of this situation and are found invoiced into the criminal activities. In one such incident a 35-year-old Burkha clad man was caught while exiting the ladies toilet in Panaji. This is a very serious offence and if taken lightly to can lead to serious consequences.   

The name of the accused is disclosed as Virgil Fernandes by the Panaji police and he is a resident of Merces. He was caught by the locals while loitering around inside the ladies toilet. “The accused has been booked under Section 419 (impersonation) for trying to impersonate a Muslim woman, in order to enter a ladies toilet at the Panaji bus stand,” a Goa Police spokesperson told reporters.

When local people suspected something fishy about the burkha clad person entering and exiting the ladies toilet they found something fishy and decided to apprehend him and find out the reason behind his act. Initially the accused refused to remove the burkha but people managed to snatch his headgear and exposed him.

The video clip of the same went viral on the social media in no time and soon police nabbed Virgil and taken him into the custody for further investigation, said the sources.    


This is not the first incident where frauds have taken the liberty of hiding behind burqa to carry out outrageous activities. From going unnoticed after committing gruesome crimes to ensuring safe shoplifting, all methods has been tried and tested behind the burqa.

Another shocking thing that came into the light is the mentality of some locals who caught this burkha clad man. In the video clip you can see these people saying to not to handover the culprit to police as he is a local Goan. What would have happened if he was not Goan?? is such kind of behaviour is acceptable from the Goan??

Can we just pause and ponder over the offer that Virgil was given? Such comments gives out a very encouraging message to local people who are always on the edge to violate laws plus give out negative impressions to tourists and non Goans about the law and order of Goa. Such mentality of shielding law violators should never be encouraged.

The same act carried out by a non Goan would get him trashed and severely punished.

Law violators should be punished if they are from Goa or not, whether they belong to any particular party or not no and regardless of gender discrimination.

Another aspect of this incident points out to the reality of Indians taking laws in their hands to teach the violators a good lesson by trashing them along with bad words. Instead we can simply catch the violators and hand them directly to the police. The above video shows how locals charges towards the accused to confront him of his actions.

Why the accused Virgil was loitering in the ladies washroom still remains questionable. Virgil currently employed with the Govt of Goa under the department of statistics and planning was arrested and later released on bail.  Avoid such unnecessary situations and crimes by becoming an alert and smart citizen of the nation.

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