A 29-Year-Old Woman from Mapusa Goa, booked for Sexually Assaulting 17-Year-Old Boy, at her place

An elderly man raping minor girls has become a common scenario all across the country but, the similar cases about women does not come out much into the media. But, here, in this case, a 29-year-old lady had sexually abused and assaulted a minor boy while the boy was staying at her place, where the world is heading for!!!

According to the reports published in the national daily, a 17-year-old boy from Ponda was working at a Petrol pump in Mapusa, and he was staying at a rented place owned by the accused lady in Mapusa. The accused lady is a divorcee, and lives with her three children said the sources at Mapusa police station.

Presently the Goa police have booked the woman for allegedly sexually assaulting the minor boy who was staying at her place, said the sources.

The Boy’s parents have filed a complaint with the Mapusa police earlier this week stating that a 29-year-old woman has sexually assaulted their minor son between June 7 and September 11. The information was given by Mapusa PI Tushar Lotlikar to the PTI news agency.

According to the reports, a few days back when the boy returned to his home, situated in Ponda, his behavior became abnormal, said his parents. His parents took him to the local doctor who referred him to the state-run IPHB (Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour) at Bambolim Goa, said the sources.


It was during one to one concealing session, the minor boy revealed that the accused woman had sexually assaulted him on several occasions. Following the statement of the minor boy, police registered the offenses against the woman on Wednesday, under relevant sections of the protection of Children from sexual offenses (POSCO) Act and Goa Children’s Act. “We have summoned the woman at the police station tomorrow following which we will decide the future course of action,” the official said.

Another report published in Janata Ka Reporter claims that Globally there have been several such instances reported where, in a reverse, the women have dawned the role of a molester/child sex abuse, however, in India we do not yet see much media reporting of such prevailing cases in the society.

This case exposes the dark side of the society wherein the Women also not behind in sexually abusing the minors. Normally, in very few cases the boys come out in the open with the incidents of their sexual abuse. What is your opinion on this issue? Do you think that there is a possibility of more such incidents coming up in the light sooner or later? Please share your valuable comments and suggestions on this serious issue.


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