27-Year-Old Youth from Pernem Died in an Road Accident at Cortalim

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Most of the road accidents are the results of the Rash and Negligent driving and in this case, too something similar has happened. According to the reports, due to the rash driving of a car driver who entered into the wrong lane due to the overspending and dashed against the oncoming motorbike thus killing the bike rider instantly.

According to the report published by a local daily, The Goan, a 27-year-old youth from Pernem was killed in a road accident at Cortalim on a Sunday night.

The accident was so fatal that the deceased youth breathed his last right on the road where he fell down due to the impact, said the report.

According to Verna police inspector Sandesh Chodankar, the accident occurred near Shantadurga Temple on the Cortalim – Sancoale highway at about 9.45 pm on Sunday.

The collision took place between a motorcycle driven by the deceased Narendra Ghogale (27) and a car driven by Godfrey Rodrigues (22) of Vaddem Vasco.    

“The accused, Godfrey Rodrigues, drove his car in a rash and negligent manner while proceeding from Vasco towards Cortalim circle. When he reached near Shantadurga temple, he went on the opposite lane and dashed against a motorcycle from the front,” said the police inspector.   

The motorcycle rider fell on a road due to which the rider Narendra sustained grievous injuries and died while being taken to the GMC hospital.

“The accused was placed under arrest and later released on bail,” said PI Chodankar. Verna Police Sub-Inspector Atikesh Khedekar is further investigating the case under the supervision of Police Inspector Chodankar.

There are many such accidents caused by the rash and negligent doing besides not following traffic rules. There are several causes of an accident wherein the accused gets the bail and cases goes off for years while the victims lose their life.

There is an urgent need for a serious rule implemented in the traffic to avoid road accidents. Driving rash, not wearing helmets and entering into the wrong lane is the story of a day and even in event of getting caught the violators comes out by paying 100 rupees to the cops.

Source of News: The Goan Daily        


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