A 25-year-old Youth from Mardol Dies in a Tragic Road Accident at Curti-Khandekar, on Ponda Belgaum Highway

In a fatal accident that took place on the Ponda-Belgaum highway at Curti-Ponda, a 25-year-old motorcycle rider, identified as Devendra Pritam Parsekar, died on the spot, when a truck driver rammed into his bike. The sources said that after dashing his bike from behind the truck ran over his body, crushing him to death instantly. The incident took place at Amigos Junction, at Curti-Khandekar, on Ponda-Belgaum Highway, on Sunday night. The pillion has sustained severe injuries in this accident, said the sources.

In the state of Goa, there has been a rapid growth in the number of accidents on the roads. The road accidents take place due to various reasons, such as rash and negligent driving, driving under the influence of alcohol etc. The major reason for these accidents can be traced to lack of courtesy to follow the traffic rules and also, due to the lack of patience. Today amongst the people, we majorly see that they do not have any kind of patience or self-awareness while driving or riding and witness a fatal end.

In one of such cases, a 25-year-old youth, Devendra Pritam Parksekar, the resident of Simepayan Veling Mardol died on the in a bike-truck collision at Amigos Junction at Curti-Khandepar on Ponda-Belgaum Highway on Sunday night. Along with the deceased was his mother identified as Prathima Preetam Parsekar (55) was seriously injured and admitted to ICU in GMC.

According to Ponda Police, the accident took place on Sunday at 8.20 pm, when the truck and bike were proceeding from Usgao towards Ponda. On reaching Amigos Junction, the truck driver tried to overtake the bike to turn towards left, towards the road proceeding to Bethora and rammed the bike and went over the biker causing his instant death.

Ponda police have arrested the truck driver Rajeshwar Jaswal (42) from UP for driving rash and causing a fatal accident and death. What can be done to prevent such kind of fatal accidents which are taking place in the state? Please share your views on this serious issue.



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