22-Year-Old Youth Stabbed to Death at Davorlim in South Goa by two migrant labourers

22-year-old stabbed at Davorlim Goa
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In the midst of the relaxation in lockdown norms in the state, accidents and crime started rising once again. Following the recent case of a fatal accident in Ponda now the news of a stabbing surfaced in the media. A 22-Year-Old youth was stabbed to death by two migrant labourers at Davorlim in South Goa.   

According to the report published in the local daily Heraldo, A 22-year-old youth was stabbed to death by two youth from Davorlim on Friday. Both the accused were arrested within 12 hours after committing the crime. Accused Ismail Mulla alias Chotu (23), a tiles fitter from Davorlim and Sadiq Bellary alias Lolly, a labourer (20) were arrested by the Maina Curtorim Police.   

Maina-Curtorim police have arrested Sadiq Bellary aged 20 years, who is a labourer and Ismail Mullha, aged 23, who is a tiles fitter and a resident of Davorlim for the murder. Police have registered an offence under Section 302 of IPC against the two accused.

According to the sources, the stabbing could be a result of the previous rivalry, the investigation revealed that, on May 28 late evening Mohammed Javed (22), a vegetable seller, from Davorlim and the deceased Muzahid were sitting in an open place at Bhagwati Colony, Davolim. At about 11 pm one Sadiq Bellary and Ismail Mulla came on bikes and picked a quarrel with Javed which resulted in a fight.

The fight that begun with the quarrel between the Javed and Sadiq ended up in the murder of 22-year-old Mujahid who was accompanying Sadiq. According to the reports, Javed assaulted Sadiq with an iron rod on his head and Ismail alias Chotu assaulted Mujahid with a knife and stabbed him in his stomach.  


Ismail also broke the window panes of the Swift car belonging to Saidu Allabaksha Panwale, brother of Javed who had arrived at the scene and was trying to shift the injured Muzahid to hospital. 

Meanwhile, the another local daily The Navhind Times, reported that on May 28, one Mohamed Paanwale and the deceased were sitting on a scooter near Bhagwati Colony when the two accused along with another two persons came there on two scooters. 

Police said that first Sadiq Bellary had a quarrel with the deceased Muzahid over previous enmity and then the former removed an iron rod kept on the front rest pedal of the scooter and tried to hit Muzahid however he evaded and snatched the rod from the hands of Sadiq. While the fight was on, the accused Ismail Mullha assaulted Muzahid with fist blows and stabbed him with a knife on his stomach causing serious injuries. 

Muzahid was taken to the Margao Hospicio hospital in a car however later he succumbed to his injuries. Police said that some statements have been recorded and further investigation is in progress.

Meanwhile, Accused Ismail Mulla and Sadiq Bellary were arrested and booked under Section 302 of IPC, while Javed was arrested under Section 326 IPC for assaulting Sadiq on his head with a rod. Accused Ismail Mulla and Sadiq Bellary have been remanded to 4 days police custody.

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