22-Year-Old Lady Police Constable Dies in Fatal Road Accident at Vasco Da Gama

22-Year-Old Lady Police Constable

The rise in road accident fatality is due to the lack of traffic sense and this is not applicable to the common man alone but even the police personnel have found violating the traffic rules. Most of the accidents take place due to rash and negligent driving and fatality happen due to not following the traffic rules.

There are many reasons such as not wearing helmets, crossing the lane and jumping signals.

Here, in this case, a 22-year-old police constable was met with an accident while on her way to the work.

She was riding a two-wheeler without wearing the helmet and when her bike skidded she died on the spot due to the severe head injuries.


According to the sources, the incident of an accident took place at St Jacinto Island, close to Vasco Da Gama. A 22-year-old Shaila Gaundar lost her life.

She was a residence of Chimbel and was working as an LPC AT Vasco police Station for the last two years.

The sources in the police said that she was proceeding on her way to work from Sancoale and had reached St Jacinto Island when the mishap took place.

As it was raining heavily, her bike skidded on the wet roads, and she crashed against another bike, thus falling and was grievously injured.

One of the local youth speaking to RDX news channel said, that he heard of two bikes crashed against one another and when he along with a couple of others reached the spot, the girl was critical and struggling for breath.

He also said that he was continuously calling the police and ambulance but there was no answer from any of them.

Though the ambulance officials later responded to the call, they said they had just left Cansaulim and had reached Cortalim. But by the time the ambulance arrived, it was too late.

The body was taken to Chicalim Hospital where she was declared dead.  Further inquiry is on.

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