21 passengers injured as Goa Bound Bus meets with an accident in Karnataka

21 passengers injured ijn Bus Accident at Karnataka

The bus was on it way back to Goa with the stranded Goans from Chennai and Bangalore. The accident took place in Karnataka as the bus veered off-road and feel on the one side. According to the sources, around 21 people have got injured in the accident.

According to the sources, the bus was sent to Chennai to pick up the stranded people from Goa and on the way back journey it was supposed to pick up more people from Bangalore.

According to the Hindustan Times report, At least 21 passengers sustained minor injuries when a bus, ferrying stranded passengers from Bengaluru to Goa, met with an accident after the driver lost control and the vehicle went off the road and fell on its side near Gadag in Karnataka on Friday early morning.

The passengers had to go through a tough time as the journey which was supposed to end in 12 hours took 36 hours after a relief bus was organised by Goa government to bring them back home on Saturday early morning.    

“The bus picked up the passengers from Chennai on Thursday. However, it was held on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border for around eight hours, as the authorities were verifying the requisite approvals amid the lockdown restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak. Around 21 of us boarded the bus from Bengaluru. It met with an accident at around 4.30 am on Friday, and we found ourselves piled up on top of each other,” said a passenger, requesting anonymity.   

“Finally, one of the passengers managed to break the rear glass and we got out of the vehicle. Fortunately, all of us escaped with minor injuries except one girl, who suffered a gash on her forehead,” he added.

Meanwhile, the relief bus arranged by the State Government took another 10 hours to reach Gadag to pick up the stranded passengers. According to the sources, the relief bus arrived at the Karnataka-Goa border at around 8 pm on Friday, but the passengers had to wait, as per the protocol, till a police escort vehicle could take them to a Covid-19 testing facility and a quarantine centre. They arrived at their destination at around 5 am on Saturday.

According to the reports, around 6200 stranded people from Goa have registered themselves of the state Government’s website urging the authorities concerned to organise their return at the earliest.

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