2 open heart surgeries at GMC for heart ruptures

65 year old Kishore Dabholkar lying on the bed in the ICU of the department of cardiology and cardiovascular and thoracic surgery of GMC bambolim is speedily recovering. More than a fortnight ago Dabholkar not only suffered from heart attack but also developed another complication, a heart rupture which is a fatal condition with risk of 40-60% during an operation.

This is a rare condition which occur in10% patients suffering from heart attack within one to five days and if not detected and treated in time then it can prove life-threatening. Heart Rupture is a tear that occurs in the muscle layers of the heart wall. It can also occur in the inner partition that divides the heart into two chambers that is left and right as also in the outer wall which facilitates blood circulation within the heart. Simply said it is a heart attack in an extreme form.

GMC has treated two such cases with open heart surgery, while the third patient who was brought to the hospital recently died before he could be revived with primary treatment.

Dabhokar who is an ex bank employee was lucky. His family rushed him to district hospital Mapusa after his heart attack. After administering initial medication the doctors referred him to GMC. The other patient Sudhir Dalvi, 82, was operated upon four months ago. He was treated for acute heart attack at a private hospital and sent home. After three days as his condition turned critical, he was brought to GMC. He also had a rupture of the heart and underwent open heart surgery in GMC


Mortality rate without an operation in such patients is 90%and even risk of death during or immediately after surgery is 20 to 60% said Shirish Borkar, chief of cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon who operated both patients.”Things can go wrong, and chances of complications are high and open heart surgery is the only option,” further he says “while not willing to heave a sigh of relief despite his vast experience.”

Normally nature of complications will depend on how big the hole in the partition of the heart is and also other complications the patient may develop after the heart attack said Borkar

Who is likely to get the rupture of the heart condition? Any patient with acute heart attack can get it. Borkar said what is important is that the condition of the patient is detected, which can be done by a cardiologist, so that immediate treatment is started.

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