18-year-old boy lying in blood, begging for help, people busy filming him with mobile camera

As the social media is growing people are becoming less sensitive towards the circumstances. Regardless of occasion or situation, taking a selfie and video filming the event has become the trend now. In the race of becoming first to post on the social media, we sometimes forget what is the situation in front of us. In this case, something similar happened. The 18-year-old boy was lying in the pool of blood in the middle of the road after meeting with a deadly accident and people were busy taking his photographs and video clips, nobody came forward to help him while he was crying in agony for almost half an hour.

This incident took place today at Koppal in Karnataka around 300KM from IT City of India. According to the sources, an 18-year-old boy was on his cycle when he was hit by the bus which runs over him. The sources have revealed that the boy was lying in the pool of blood for almost 30 minutes asking for the help from those surrounded him. But nobody came forward to help this boy.

He was crying in the agony and people were busy taking his photographs and video filming the incident. After almost half an hour someone took him to the hospital where he died. This incident shows the apathy people are having today towards the others. In this growing world of social media, everyone has built their own world around and prefers to dwell in that as much as possible. Taking the selfies and video clips and posting them first on the social media is becoming the matter of being first in the race.

According to the media reports, the name of the boy is revealed as Anwar Ali, from Karnataka and resident of Koppal. After the bus ran over him, the boy was apparently begging for the help but no-one came forward to help him, instead, people were busy helping themselves by filming the horrifying incident. The sources have revealed that one of the videos shows the boy, surrounded in the blood, is crying and begging for help and amongst the hundreds of people surrounded him one person offered him the water.


Finally, after almost half an hour the boy was rushed to the hospital where he died. Mr. Ali was on his cycle when we were first hit and then run over by a state-run bus registration number KA 37 – F 0432 in Koppal, 300 km from the state capital of Bengaluru. “No one came to his help, they were making a video and clicking pictures.If someone had cared, my brother could have been saved. More than 15 to 20 minutes were wasted there,” his brother, Riaz, told the news agency PTI.        


Another unnamed eyewitness told PTI, “People at the spot were shocked and did not know how to help him as the victim was severely injured and was bleeding profusely.” The sources said that this reminds of an incident that took place three days ago, wherein a 38-year-old police officer who was trapped in a mangled police jeep after it collided with a bus was left to fend for himself. People stopped only to take photos of him in Mysore. Last year, Bengaluru was shamed by horrifying visuals of a young biker begging for help after an accident with a truck split his body in two. As he lay there, begging for assistance, people filmed him – but did not come to his rescue.

The above mentioned all the incidents show only one thing that, more people are getting killed by the public Apathy rather than accidents. People needs to become more sensitive towards the others and need to help someone who is in agony. Filming them and later on uploading the videos on social media may get more likes to your posts but at the cost of someone’s life. Social media is made for helping each other rather than dwelling on it. Please do share your comments and suggestions on this incident, regardless of which geographical locations it belongs, since we all are humans.


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