15 year old girl gang raped while on date with her boyfriend, police arrested three


Rape cases are growing in India rapidly. Recently a girl was raped and murdered brutally in Kerala and this time, the incident of rape took place in Tamilnadu. According to the sources, the girl was out on a date with her boyfriend when this shocking incident took place. The girl is a school student and they apparently went to an isolated place. This incident will display the animal instinct of the rapist who doesn’t have humanity and the fear of law and the cowardliness of her boyfriend who left her alone in that place in the unconscious state and returned home. Please read the complete news here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published in the national daily “The Times of India”, a 15 year old school girl went out with her boyfriend in a secluded place in Tirupur. Three accused Pandian, Balaji and Arun Kumar, who were consuming alcohol in the area, saw the girl with her boyfriend and confronted them. Later they assaulted the girl’s boyfriend and raped her in turns. This incident took place on Wednesday.

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Police managed to arrest all the three accused based on the information provided by the victim girl. They have been remanded into the judicial custody while the victim was admitted to the local hospital is still not recovered from the shock. Police sources claimed that girl needs counseling to come out of the shock.

According to the sources, the accused have confessed their crime in the police interrogation “The three accused have confessed to the crime,” said a police officer in Tirupur. They have been identified as Pandian, 18, Balaji, 18 and Arun Kumar, 20, al”l hailing from Pichampalayam.

Based on the information provided by the police, the minor girl is the student of class 9. She is the native of Chinnamanur in Theni district and she lives with her grandparents since her parents are in Tirupur working as laborers in a textile industry. During vacation, she used to visit her parents in Tirupur where she fell in love with an 18-year-old youth. On Wednesday, she had gone to a secluded place with him, police said.

According to the police sources, the three accused after sexually assaulting left her unconscious and fled the scene while threatening her boyfriend with the dire consequences. Police also said that after the incident victim’s boyfriend left her alone in that state and returned back home, but he did not inform anyone about the incident out of the fear.

After finding the girl did not return home at late night the parents started searching for her but in vain. She returned home only in the next morning after regaining her consciousness and narrated the entire incident to her parents. Followed by this they lodged the complaint with the local police station and the case was transferred to the all-woman police station.

The girl was immediately sent to the government hospital for a medical examination, which confirmed rape. Based on the information given by the girl on the identity of the trio, police zeroed in on the accused within hours and nabbed them.

Source: TOI



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