The 10 Best WooCommerce Sales Funnel Plugins For Boosting Conversions

If you run a WooCommerce website on the Wordpress platform then all you need is an effective WooCommerce sales funnel plugins.
Wordpress WooCommerce

With the Increase in online trading the demand for woo commerce is gaining momentum and if you have a WordPress site with WooCommerce installed on it then all you need is WooCommerce sales funnel plugin. There are many plugin developers who makes WooCommerce sales funnel plugins but we have selected the 10 best plugins for you check this out.   

Do you need the most effective WooCommerce sales funnel plugin to increase your conversions? It is possible to optimize your WooCommerce sales funnel to make more money from your current traffic using a variety of WooCommerce plugins. This article highlights some of the best sales funnel plugins for WooCommerce.

Is it a Good Idea to Use WooCommerce Sales Funnel Plugins?

In terms of features and settings, WooCommerce is easy to set up, but its defaults do not help you sell more products. The average customer will add something to their cart only 10% of the time. After which, approximately 60-80% of these customers abandon their carts without completing their purchase.

Fortunately, there are many WooCommerce plugins to help you get more conversions from your traffic, so you can make more money. Your store can benefit from WooCommerce sales funnel plugins in a lot of ways: Recover sales from abandoned carts, Send out emails to customers to stay in touch, Provide best-selling products on store pages, Use coupon codes to increase sales and a lot more.

With those words in mind, let’s see what the best WooCommerce sales funnel plugins are that you can use with your store.

1. SeedProd


Currently, SeedProd is the leading drag and drop page builder for WordPress. It is used by over a million websites. The plugin is user-friendly, has pre-made templates, and can be used to customize WooCommerce product pages, checkout pages, and more.

You can increase conversions, promote popular and related products, and make more money by creating custom pages for your WooCommerce store. Furthermore, you can design custom products, checkout, and more pages with it, in any WooCommerce theme without limitations. Seedprod has a free version that you can use to create beautiful landing pages. The WooCommerce blocks, however, are only available in the pro version of the plugin.

2. OptinMonster


A number of websites use OptinMonster, the best popup plugin for WordPress, to generate leads. By converting abandoning visitors into new subscribers and customers, you can increase revenues. Your brand’s conversion rate can be boosted, shopping cart abandonment can be reduced, targeted messages can be displayed on your site, and email marketing can be expanded using OptinMonster.

A lot of popups have been built into OptinMonster to assist in boosting sales. For example, you can create floating header or footer bars to announce sales, free shipping, and other special offers. In addition, popups can be configured to appear based on specific rules. A countdown timer could be displayed only during checkout, or a sales banner could appear only for certain product categories. You can even create popups that appear based on the visitor’s location. You can also gamify popups with the wheel feature, and much more.

3. MonsterInsights


Insights by MonsterInsights is the ideal analytics solution for WooCommerce brands. In addition to being easy to set up, it also comes with enhanced eCommerce tracking, which provides you with more insights that you can use to optimize your funnel and increase sales.

In addition, all of this information is displayed directly in your WordPress dashboard. There’s no need to sort through the complex Google Analytics reports to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, you can see a detailed breakdown of your shopping cart activity, the total number of purchases, and top performing products. By using this tool, you can make data-driven decisions to grow your business and see if the changes you are making are helping to improve your store’s conversions.

4. WooFunnels


WooFunnels is an easy-to-use sales funnel builder for WooCommerce. Lead pages, checkout pages, order bump pages, upsells, and downsells can all be created.

You can create your sales funnel pages with dozens of different templates in just a few clicks. With the drag and drop builder, you can easily customize every page of your funnel. Additionally, WooFunnels includes built-in customer reporting, so you can track customer and order data.

5. TrustPulse


WooCommerce’s TrustPulse plugin offers social proof features that will help you increase sales and conversions.

Potential customers who are close to making a purchase will see notifications from customers who have just made a purchase. By adding social proof, you encourage your visitors to complete the purchase. Setting up this type of notification is incredibly easy with TrustPulse. Installing it is easy and you can customize it to match your brand or website design. You can run campaigns based on products and pages using advanced targeting tools.

6. CartFlows


The CartFlows WooCommerce funnel builder optimizes your checkout process with its feature-rich functionality.

You can create custom pages for every step of the sales process, such as thank you pages and checkout pages. Activating the plugin will automatically replace the default WooCommerce checkout with a conversion-optimized checkout process. In addition, Divi, Beaver Builder, and other popular WordPress page builders are supported for easy customization.

7. LiveChat


LiveChat is the best live chat software on the market. This plugin allows you to add live chat to your WooCommerce store and instantly respond to customer questions.

With this, it is very easy to keep your customers away from abandoning their carts. Additionally, you can fully customize the chat window to fit your brand. It integrates with top email marketing, WooCommerce CRM, and customer service tools. You can answer questions on the go using the live chat apps on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices without having to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

8. Nextiva


Nextiva is the best business phone service available that works seamlessly with WooCommerce.By adding a business phone number to your store, you will increase credibility and trust, as well as boost conversions. 

With this virtual business phone app, you can make and receive calls from your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. Call routing, auto-attendant, and more advanced enterprise-level features are available at an affordable price. Once you’ve set up your business VOIP, you can add a free click-to-call button to your store so customers can reach you quickly.

9. WP Mail SMTP


The best SMTP plugin for WordPress on the market, used by over 2 million websites, is WP Mail SMTP. It enables all of your WooCommerce emails to reach the inboxes of your customers. Certain actions in your store will be notified to you and your customers by email when WordPress is installed.

There are, however, quite a few WordPress hosting providers who do not setup the email function properly, and some even block it from being used. Your store emails will not be sent in this case. WP Mail SMTP fixes this problem by using an SMTP service provider. This ensures that your emails are delivered to your user’s inbox and not the spam folder. WP Mail SMTP’s free version is compatible with most WooCommerce stores. With WP Mail SMTP Pro, you’ll get premium support, a white glove setup service, and even more features.

10. Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons

Among all WooCommerce coupon code plugins, Advanced Coupons is one of the best. It enhances the default WooCommerce coupon functionality and helps you increase sales by offering attractive coupons to your visitors.

It integrates perfectly with WooCommerce and allows you to create BOGOs (Buy One Get One), schedule coupons, apply coupons automatically, and more. Using the free version of the plugin, you can experiment with different coupon offers and see how they affect your online store.

This article should have helped you find the most effective sales funnel plugins for WooCommerce. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


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